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Anonymous asked: Cablepool, Hope

Wade promises to teach her about some of his favorite shows, so they make popcorn together, get an unwise amount of soda, and sit down for a Golden Girls marathon. Hope likes it ok, but there’s a lot of show to get through and it’s been a long day, and after a couple of hours she falls asleep, drooling a bit on Wade’s shoulder, the popcorn bowl clutched tightly to her chest like she expects that someone might try to take it from her.

Nate finds them not long after that, when Wade’s fallen asleep too, and stares at them for a moment before getting a blanket, sitting down on Wade’s other side, and covering all three of them, because even though he knows sleeping like this won’t be good for his back, it’s better than feeling left out.

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Anonymous asked: *sobs fervently on your shoulder at the mention of Dreams of Waking Man*

I haven’t even finished the whole series, I had to download them to my Kindle so that I could read them in a warm place with my cat close at hand, because they’re amazing and they make me want to cry about one hundred percent of the time.

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mattfrack replied to your post “JohnnyDaken, amnesia?”

D: D: D: D:

:D :D :D :D

Welcome to Hell, Circle 2.1415, which is the section reserved for those who have shipped not wisely, but too well—otherwise known as Worrying Fic Ideas Central. My name is DangerousCommieSubversive, and I will be your Satan for the evening. =^.^=

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Anonymous asked: Okay so this is super random but on AO3 there used to be fic where some unknown world disaster happened and the Dark Avengers were working with the Avengers to keep people together while they tried to fix whatever had happened and it was really good had pairing like Bullseye and Daken and Luke Cage and Danny Rand but one day it was taken down and I have been going crazy trying to remember what is was so I'm asking Dark Avenger fans on Tumblr. Any clue what I'm talking about? (I love you btw :P)

Oh, wow, that sounds really cool. Unfortunately that doesn’t sound like any fic I’ve ever read? I mean, the closest I can come up with is Beautiful Disaster, by lex-munro, which is in continuity with his Dreams of the Waking Man series and does involve a major world catastrophe, but that doesn’t have Luke and Danny in it, and the members of the Dark Avengers…aren’t active as a team? It’s after they’ve been disbanded. Good story, one I recommend, but I don’t think it’s the one you’re looking for. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

Also thank you. ^_^ Your kind words are much appreciated.

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geoboy-world asked: Noh & Tommy, Noh says something embarrassing and doesn't realise

"What was all that racket last night?" Billy mumbles into his coffee.

Noh-Varr takes a bite of his cereal and says, through his mouthful, “Tommy tends to be quite vocal when receiving oral sex.”

He’s completely baffled when, a moment later, Tommy throws a dish at his head.

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Oh my god, I have one last prompt and for some reason I can’t think of a single embarrassing thing for Noh-Varr to say.

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