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reading comics gives you the ability to say sentences like ‘barry allen used a cosmic treadmill to travel through time to battle aliens who had taken over the earth in 2287’ with a straight face

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Anonymous asked: I was reading Worlds Enough (which was really, really good) and I came across the character Sara Pezzini, and I wondered if she was a Boomer or if that was her native reality. Also, if it was her native reality, do any other stories (Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, etc.) exist in the respective universes?

HOLY SHIT YOU NOTICED PEZ. Nobody ever notices Pez. She’s my favorite reference in that story. I love you, Anonamouse! (Also thank you, so glad you enjoyed the story!)

Anyway, she’s a boomer. I prefer to keep each reality to itself, since what’s true in one often conflicts with, if not directly contradicts, the law of others.

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