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Omega Gang For Life

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My ideal car is a hearse, but with purple detailing, and one of those things on ice cream trucks that play music, except instead of a kid’s song it’d play “Vampire Killer” from Castlevania.

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Been having an unexpectedly bad attack of the morbs since last night, and to cheer myself up I’ve been thinking about how much I love words, and it just occurred to me that I really love the word “comorbid.”

Like, yeah, it’s a medical term for a bad thing, but out of a medical context it sounds like it could be really cute. Like two goths living together. “Morticia actually moved into the ancestral Addams family home several months before the wedding, during which period she and Gomez were comorbid.” Isn’t that cute?

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Anonymous asked: Well, now I have. And those damn dorks would probably do it too, some without even a hint of regret.

It took me a moment to realize what you were referring to, Anonamouse, since I booted up the computer having moved on from fandom interpretations of Rocky Horror to a furious desire to write gay fanfiction about wrestlers.

But yes.


All your faves dressed to go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Think of it, and smile quietly to yourself.

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kida-0083 asked: Hey! So that Young Avengers run in Original Sins *completely* slipped through my radar (I just ordered all five issues and a stack of other rad titles online! It'll be Christmas come early!) Anyway, did you get a chance to read it? What did you think? I haven't seen much of a response in the Tumblr fandom.


You know, I haven’t read it. I saw some panels that made me backpedal pretty fast and have been waiting to hear what general consensus was before I tried it. So far, the general consensus is…silence.

Did anyone read this?

I read the whole thing, and enjoyed it immensely. The writing is sharp and funny, and unlike what seems like a lot of people in the fandom I *love* Ramon Villalobos’ art. I’d recommend it.